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Posted on November 28th, 2012
Allantoin: A Natural Under Eye Cream Ingredient to Help in Skin Improvement
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AllantoinAllantoin is the natural potent ingredient which is found in the comfrey plants. This is also present in most of the mammals’ uric acid. Promoting skin healing, allantoin is non toxic and safe and is commonly included in the formulations of cosmetics. This also has moisturizing effects and this can promote healing of wounds. This can also increase the skin’s smoothness since this can hasten the development of healthy tissues. When healthier tissues grow, you will be able to notice that this can actually help lessening the appearance of the blemishes as well as other imperfections on your skin.

Allantoin is commonly used in those products which promise to help in skin improvement, such as those under eye cream items. This is also known as an ingredient that is non-allergenic, non-irritant, and non-toxic. Here, it will surely be safe to claim that no individual might experience allergies as well as related skin problems because of using or applying cosmetics or products which contain this ingredient on their skin.

The suggested dosage is just around 0.5 to 2.0 percent. Several products may even contain lesser than this. Within the set dosage, allantoin is safe to be used as temporary protection of burns, minor cuts, acne, sunburn, skin ulcers, cracked and rough hands. This can also relieve dryness and moisturize and soften the skin and even cure and prevent rashes on babies caused by diapers.

Shampoos, powders, creams, astringents, lotions, mouthwashes, baby care items, and toothpastes are only several of those products where allantoin or its derivatives are present.

More about Comfrey Plant

The comfrey plants posses bone and wound healing benefits. Although these plants are made up of more components, among its primary components is none other than allantoin. The plant itself is being used to assist in speeding up the process of healing of broken bones, fractures, burns, and bruises. Comfrey’s allantoin content can help in healing wounds and regeneration of tissues.  However, it is not advised to use comfrey orally since this can become poisonous and might even cause severe damage on the liver. Applying allantoin or comfrey in deep cuts or wounds is something that must be avoided, particularly when this has not been thoroughly cleaned. The explanation behind it is that allantoin or comfrey’s quick healing properties might only trap the dirt within the body that can lead to further skin issues in the near future.

Words of Caution

In case you encountered a product that has a content of allantoin which is higher than the 2 percent recommended dosage, keep in mind that the product might no longer be safe. In addition, this must just be used for topical application or just for external use.

With the boom in the cosmetics industry these days, more and more people are becoming aware that maintaining their good looks is already a norm in the society. This is why under eye cream and other similar products are becoming highly sought after by both men and women these days. When searching for such products, it is a must to pay extra attention to their content in order to ensure that they will not pose any negative effects on you. Although allantoin might have remarkable skin benefits, it will not hurt to be extra careful with using products that contain this substance since you would surely not want to be facing more problems in the future than what you have when you first started the use of an allantoin-containg product.

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