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Posted on December 19th, 2014
For the Record: Why Do Dark Under Eye Circles Form?
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For the Record - Why Do Dark Under Eye Circles Form

Here’s the burning question of the moment: why do dark circles actually form under your eyes? Here’s a quick background to give you the answer, especially if you have these unsightly spots on your face.

Risk Factors

Dark circles do not form only because of being stressed out or lacking sleep. There is a combination of different factors that account for this facial flaw, such as the thinning of your skin. The skin under your eyes is naturally thin and fragile; this skin and the fat pad underneath become thinner as age, causing blood vessels to appear more prominent. Dark circles form this way and annoy you to no end.

Beware sun damage, too! It can worsen the conditions of dark circles under eyes, as it has the ability to weaken skin. Other risk factors include genetics, sleeplessness, fluid retention, conditions like hay fever and allergies, as well as dehydration. Iron deficiency anemia is also a common factor.

What Ancient Wisdom Says

Remember that there is more than enough that ancient wisdom offers to solve this problem in your under eye appearance. Natural has it that the best remedies to skin challenges such as dark circles are absolutely free. There’s cool cucumber slices, as well as plain cool herbal teabags. Vitamin C, too, can help in this goal because of its ability to strengthen blood vessels.

However, these natural remedies may take time, and may not be the best option if you are busy and have no time for this regimen. It is also best to combine them with other techniques for quicker results. Among the tried and tested ones are eye creams for dark circles, which are usually made up of beneficial peptides, vitamins, natural oils, and other helpful components for faire, more vibrant-looking skin present under your eyes.

These eye creams can also help solve other eye appearance nightmares, such as eyebags, puffiness, and other problems under eyes. When choosing a commercial product such as this one, you need to research the quality and purity of ingredients, as well as the manufacturer’s credibility and quality standards. Customer reviews will help you gauge reputation and effectiveness of these products.

Keep reading this blog – our expert tips for fighting dark under eye circles and other facial skin problems are aplenty!

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