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Posted on December 30th, 2014
How to Address Hereditary Dark Eye Circles
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How to Address Hereditary Dark Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles can be hereditary and this spells both good and bad news. The bad news is you cannot prevent them; however, the good news is genetic hyper-pigmentation is in fact the most treatable form of dark under-eye circles. You can choose from a range of remedies, from using concealers to exploring the possibility of laser therapy. Read on for more information.

  1. Camouflage these eye circles using makeup. This is a temporary treatment but remains among the least expensive. There is a wide range of concealer sticks and creams that you can choose from, depending on the right shade for your skin tone. The eye circles can better disappear as you mildly tap the concealer under each eye until into blends into skin. Finish it off with a dab of loose powder over the concealer.
  2. Use lightening agents, which can encourage your under eye circles to produce less pigment over time. These include hydroquinone acid as well as kojic acid. There are nonprescription lighteners you can buy, and they contain 2 percent hydroquinone and glycolic acid. Hereditary dark circles can, for instance, become less noticeable with kojic acid, which blocks melanin production.
  3. Use a professional chemical peel, which removes layers of damaged skin. These peels use an acid solution, including alphahydroxy acids, for sloughing off dead skin. The procedure can reduce pigmentation, helping improve overall skin appearance. Chemical peels, too, can support other dark under eye circle treatments and therapies.
  4. Explore the possibility of undergoing laser resurfacing, which can remove layers of damaged skin. Lasers work through producing an intense beam of bright light; when the laser beam is directed as your eye circles, the light energy is soaked up by pigments or water. Pigmentation becomes less noticeable with this absorption.

Cosmetic concealer, skin lightening agents, chemical peels, and even laser therapy are only some of the options you have to fight hereditary under eye circles. You may also concoct eye creams at home, which can be best if you have limited budget but plenty of natural ingredients available. You may also try using a high-quality dark under eye circle cream for more targeted results and benefits.

Keep posted for more of under eye treatment reviews and advice!

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