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Posted on December 10th, 2014
Question of the Day: Why Do You Have Dark Circles Under Eyes?
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Question of the Day - Why Do You Have Dark Circles Under Eyes

This is the burning question that we got today: why do dark circles form under your eyes? Could it be what you’re eating, what you’re doing to your face? Or do you simply lack the sleep that your body requires for wellness and appearing fresh and rejuvenated the next day? Let’s find out through this short article.

Dark circles do not form only because you worry too much, or that you lack the proverbial beauty rest. There is a whole list of potential causes of this facial flaw or nuisance, including the thinning of skin under your eyes. This skin is naturally thin and fragile; as you age, this skin and the fat pad become thinner, causing blood vessels to appear more visible. Dark circles form this way and become an annoying part of your face.

Worsening dark circles under eyes is sun damage, which also has the ability to weaken skin. Other common factors at play here are genetics, lack of sleep, fluid retention, allergic reactions, hay fever, dehydration, and iron deficiency anemia. There are other potential causes that are not listed here.

Don’t fret, though, as even traditional medicine has enough solutions for this problem under eyes. Ancient wisdom has it that natural extracts and ingredients can help remedy skin issues like dark circles. Some examples are cool cucumber slices as well as plain tea bags. Vitamin C, too, is considered helpful through its ability to strengthen blood vessels. These natural remedies, though, take time to work and may not show positive changes as quickly as you expect them to, so there are commercial creams that may be explored.

Eye creams for dark circles are actually dime a dozen these days, and they are targeted even for younger populations. These products are made up of vitamins, peptides, natural oils, and other components that promise fairer, more vibrant skin in the area under your eyes.

These eye creams also target other issues such as eye bags, puffiness, and similar problems. Quality, however, is of supreme importance, as it will help you gauge not just the effectiveness but also the safety value of the product. You need to do your part and research the manufacturer’s background and commitment to quality standards, as well as the customer testimonials and positive reviews it enjoys. Look at the effects of long-term or regular use as well.

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