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Posted on December 15th, 2011
The Best and Simple Tips to Help You Remove Dark Circles
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Remove Dark Circles Under EyesThe eyes are playing an essential role when it comes to physical, especially that these two windows can say more things about an individual. Usual comments such as sexy eyes, tantalizing eyes and gentle eyes only goes to show that a person’s eyes also have their unique personality. And what can be the best way for your eyes to convey the correct message about your personality? Of course, you should take care of your eyes and remove dark circles of there are any.

So, what are the best tips in order to get rid of dark circles and make your eyes more vibrant than ever?

Eat Healthy

It is not just your body which benefits from eating healthy but even your eyes. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits that are beta carotene enriched will help not only to eradicate dark circles but to make your eyes healthy as a whole. In fact, eating carrots, as what your mother told you when you were young, can definitely improve your eyesight. As a summary, here are some of the vegetables and fruits that can make your eyes more vibrant.

  • Carrots
  • Papaya
  • Spinach
  • Mango

Get Some Rest

Another great way to remove dark circles is by getting enough rest. Sleep is actually the most classic cure for puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes since this really works. If you do not have quality sleep, your face will literally sag. When a person sleeps, the circulation within the body is increased, which includes the eyes and the face. But, one essential thing to keep in mind when sleeping is to make sure that your head is slightly elevated. If your head is on downward angle when you are sleeping, the body fluids might rest in the eye area, which can lead to eye puffiness.

Hands off Your Eyes

One of the usual causes behind the formation of dark circles under eyes is damaged blood vessels. The weaker blood vessels beneath the eyes might break and discolor, which can result to dark circles. Whenever your eyes are being rubbed, the blood vessels beneath them can break and unintentionally, dark circles are being formed. If you want to eliminate dark circles but your eyes bother you, blink instead of rub them. Aside from being a great exercise, it is also a good massage for your eyes.

Keep these simple but useful tips in mind if you want to remove dark circles under eyes.

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