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Posted on January 15th, 2015
Will Massaging Dark Under Eye Circles Solve Them?
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Will Massaging Dark Under Eye Circles Solve Them

Dark circles under eyes do not look good, particularly if you are aiming for a fresh, youthful appearance. They manifest when blood collects beneath your eyes, whether due to aging, heredity, allergic reaction, or mere sleeplessness. If there are bags accompanying your dark circles, you can massage them to relieve the swelling. You may apply a massaging action along with a cold compress to fight the discoloration. Beware, though, as rubbing your dark circles caused by allergies may worsen things. Here is further information on this beauty concern.

Dark Circles and Massage

As you become older, your skin loses its natural firmness and turns thinner. This makes the blood vessels under eyes appear more prominent, leading to dark circles. The internal integrity of your skin also weakens in time, causing fluid to collect under and around eyes – this leads to eyebags. Dark circles and bags often appear together, and puffiness can also form due to allergies and nasal congestion that result in swollen blood vessels.

Use your fingers to massage under eye circles ad bags in order to disperse the collected fluid. This helps lessen the puffiness, too. Do it with a cold compress or washcloth, which can improve the look in the under eye area. Cold temperature temporarily tightens blood vessels and also lightens the under eye area.

Pros and Cons

The advantage here is that a massage with a cold compress can greatly benefit dark circles and puffiness that result from age, genetics, and sleeplessness. These kinds of eye problems are reduced when the rapped fluid is flushed out and there’s constriction of blood vessels. The mix of cold and massaging action diminishes the swelling and lightens the discoloration.

On the downside, if your dark circles and under eye bags are caused by allergy as well as rubbing or massaging your eyes, you can bruise the already swollen vessels and make the dark appearance worsen. Eye drops can instead be used to relieve allergies, and you may also ask your healthcare provider about oral allergy medications.

f you notice that your discoloration appears to worsen, it is best to consult your doctor to determine any potential underlying health cause, and the right treatment track to follow. Keep posted for more of these news and advice on unsightly dark under eye circles!

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